Are Baton Rouge and the Partisan Divide bringing the nation to the brink of another Civil War? Read part of the solution here, from a millennial writer (


Was it painful to watch Donald Trump and Michael Pence on 60 Minutes on Sunday?


Will Benghazi matter more in November than the possibility of Donald Trump as the Commander in Chief?


The House Select Committee on Benghazi issued a final report yesterday. Majority leader Kevin McCarthy admitted “this committee’s chief goal is to politicize the deaths of four brave Americans in order to try to attack the Obama administration and hurt Clinton’s campaign. However the Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy, said in a news conference on Tuesday that “the report did not focus on Clinton, but sought a true and complete accounting of the events that led to the four Americans' deaths, and the government's response”. Was the committee too focused on Hillary Clinton or do you believe it was an accurate representation of what had happened?


Bernie grabs the left and Trump reaches for the right, while they both remain complicit in Brexit. Do you agree or disagree? Read this short article here: ( and vote!


Is Donald Trump more fearful as a candidate because of Brexit?


Who do you trust to lead the nation through the uncertainty created by Brexit?


Is America really ready for a presidential ticket with two women--Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren? Perhaps? Yet, Wall Street donors may not be ready for a ticket with the presence of Elizabeth Warren. According to a Politico article yesterday, some major donors are warning Hillary Clinton with what could become a costly dare--Choose Elizabeth Warren and risk millions in campaign donations. This creates problems for Clinton. If Hillary does not pick Warren, does she validate those claims that she lives in the pocket of Wall Street?


The pressure is on Hillary Clinton to “Feel the Bern” with two thirds of Democratic voters preferring to see Bernie as her running mate, according to a Reuter’s poll. There are even petition drives urging Hillary Clinton to select Sanders as her VP. Do you think Clinton should ‘feel the Bern” and choose Sanders as her 2nd in command?


How can any woman vote for Donald Trump? The sentiment of such a question comes from a former Republican First Lady, who is the mother of both the nation’s last Republican president and a failed Republican candidate of 2016. In an interview with CBS yesterday, Barbara Bush said it was incomprehensible as to how any woman can support Trump. Do you agree with her?


Tennessee Republican Andy Holt started planning the HogFest fundraiser weeks ago, announcing he would give away an AR-15 assault rifle. After the Orlando massacre, the media questioned whether Holt should go through with the gun giveaway. In response, Holt doubled the free assault rifle giveaway at the HogFest. Is Holt’s response crass?