Purple County Congressmen Respond to Syria Attack

Below is an account of where congressional representatives of Bush-Obama stand on the President’s action:




Terri Sewell (D)


Congressional District: 7, Alabama

Bush-Obama County in District — Jefferson

Full Statement:

“As we debate refugee policy, let’s remember Syrians who’ve faced years of terror, this week so bad that Trump responded with military action.

This weeks airstrikes were a proportional response, but to end Assad’s brutality we need a comprehensive strategy with buy-in from lawmakers

The Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons was an inhumane and unforgivable offense that requires an international response.”




Paul Cook (R)

PaulCookCongressional District: 8, California 

Bush-Obama County in District — San Bernardino 

Full Statement:

“Last night the President showed that America is willing to back up its words with action. For years, the United States has warned Syria and the Assad regime against the use of chemical weapons, and for years Assad has continued using them with impunity. This culminated earlier this week in his use of sarin gas, one of the world’s deadliest nerve agents, against defenseless women and children.

The previous administration reached a deal with Assad and Russia back in 2013 to remove Assad’s arsenal of chemical weapons. Since the deal was struck, however, Assad has repeatedly used chemical weapons. It’s long past time to acknowledge that the deal was a failure, and that Assad and his Russian backers lied to us. Preventing the spread and use of weapons of mass destruction, particularly against civilians, has always been a core American interest. Last night’s strikes targeting the air base from where Assad’s chemical attack was launched are in line with that objective.

There are no good solutions in Syria. Terrorist organizations such as the Islamic State and al Qaeda make up much of the fighting power of the opposition to the Assad regime. Their victory in the civil war would lead to genocide for anyone who refuses to embrace their twisted ideology, and they would provide a safe haven for terrorists to threaten the United States.

At the same time, the victory of Assad poses just as great a threat to America. Assad, his Ba’ath Party, and his army have long since ceased being a government in any meaningful sense. Assad and his cronies who already supported terror against Israel, Lebanon, and the United States have become terrorists themselves. They regularly ignore all norms of international conflict by slaughtering hundreds of thousands of civilians across Syria and displaying a barbarism rarely seen in modern times. In fact, his regime’s chief ally on the ground is Hezbollah, one of the world’s deadliest terror organizations that also has the blood of hundreds of Americans on its hands.

Assad, the Islamic State, al Qaeda, Hezbollah, and all of the other terrorists in Syria must be confronted and defeated. This does not mean that the United States should launch another open-ended invasion and occupation of Syria as it did in Iraq, but it does mean we must be willing to strike at Syrian terrorists when they threaten vital American interests whether they are part of the Islamic State or part of the Assad regime. We should continue to work with our Arab allies like Jordan and Iraq, moderate Sunni rebels, and the Kurds to establish safe zones for Syrian civilians and eventually roll back and defeat the terrorists that are operating in Syria.

The President made the right call last night, but it’s only the first step toward eliminating the grave threat of terrorism in Syria.”


Jim Costa (D)

JimCostaCongressional District: 24, California 

Bush-Obama Counties in District — San Luis Obispo, Ventura 

Full Statement:

“President Donald Trump’s decision to launch a limited missile strike in Syria was the correct action to take to send the message to President Bashar al-Assad that the use of chemical weapons will not be tolerated by the United States.  Assad’s horrific actions are not only attacks on his own people, but he is putting Western civilization and the entire world at risk.

“The Trump Administration needs to come up with a comprehensive strategy to combat the Assad regime, and if the Authorization for Use of Military Force is necessary, then Congress must act.  I stand ready to work with my colleagues in Congress and President on this issue.

“Chemical weapon attacks in 2013 took the lives of 1,400 Syrians and this week’s attack continues to darken the moral stain of Assad’s regime which is estimated to be responsible for the deaths of nearly 500,000 of its own people.

“It’s important to highlight that Russia President Vladimir Putin supports Assad. Russia is our adversary, and the United States must remain vigilant in combatting all efforts that seek to undermine our nation’s Democracy and our democratic allies in Europe who share our freedoms and way of life.”



Salud Carbajal (D)

congressman salud carbajal_1484685428516_5619252_ver1.0_640_360


Congressional District: 24, California 

Bush-Obama Counties in District — Ventura, San Luis Obispo

Full Statement:

Congress must act on its constitutional duty & debate any further action following the #SyriaStrikes. My full statement:

“President Bashar al-Assad’s barbaric military and chemical weapons attacks against his own citizens in Syria were heinous crimes against humanity and warranted action to hold him accountable.

I am concerned, however, that the Administration acted unilaterally, without seeking constitutional authorization from Congress. Before any further U.S. military action is taken in Syria, the President must obtain Congressional approval and articulate a long-term strategy for the region. To engage in further military action without clear and transparent strategy to ensure we do not rush into another open-ended conflict in the Middle East, would a disservice to out men and women in uniform.”


Steve Knight (R)


Congressional District: 25, California 

Bush-Obama County in District — Ventura

Full Statement:

“Time and again, Bashar al Assad has proven to be monstrously cruel to his own people. This recent sarin gas attack is further evidence that his disregard for international law and human decency has no place in the modern world. As long as Assad remains in power, the Syrian people will continue to suffer under his oppression, which is why he must be removed- with force if necessary. The recent strikes against the Assad regime were warranted and necessary, and I look forward to seeing the Administration present a comprehensive plan to Congress on U.S. strategy in Syria moving forward.”



Judy Chu (D)


Congressional District: 27, California

Bush-Obama County in District — San Bernadino

Full Statement:

“If Trump intends to continue #SyriaStrikes, he must come to Congress 1st. For now, best way to save Syrian lives is to let refugees in.”


Brad Sherman

Congressional District: 31, California

Bush-Obama County in District — San Bernardino


Ed Royce (R)


Congressional District: 39, California

Bush-Obama County in District — San Bernadino

Full Statement:

“Assad was warned, repeatedly, by the U.S. and the U.N. that the intentional  targeting of innocent men, women and children is intolerable.  Now Assad has been caught red-handed carrying out another abhorrent chemical attack, and the administration has taken a measured response.  Moving ahead, the administration must work with Congress and lay out clear policy goals for Syria and the region.”



Darrell Issa (R)


Congressional District: 49, California 

Bush-Obama County in District — San Diego

Full Statement:

“Assad’s vicious and brutal conduct cannot continue to go unanswered, and the President’s strategic response is the appropriate one. In every way, American leadership is needed right now, and this is the time to work closely with our allies around the world and in the Middle East – as well as the international community – to achieve what the previous administration did not: constructive engagement to deal responsibly with the crisis in Syria.”



Scott Peters (D)


Congressional District: 52, California 

Bush-Obama County in District — San Diego

Full Statement:

“The chemical attack this week was the latest in a long line of brutal atrocities committed against the Syrian people by Bashar al-Assad – it warranted a response.

“However, I am concerned that President Trump would launch an attack unilaterally without consulting the legislative branch. Congress has not provided the authority to conduct war against the Syrian government. Going forward, the President owes it to Congress and the American people to inform them of the larger strategy in Syria and any future military actions.

“I look forward to working collaboratively with the President and Congress to hold Assad accountable for his actions, end the war in Syria, and provide for humane treatment of the refugees from this tragedy and tyranny.”





Diane Degette (D)

Congressional District: 1, Colorado

Bush-Obama Counties in District — Arapahoe, Jefferson

Full Statement:

“Chemical weapons use on anyone, but most especially civilians, is horrific and calls for a response. However, the context for last night’s action is a wider, brutal conflict. The Administration must demonstrate that it has a comprehensive Syria strategy that includes diplomacy and has clear goals.

“It’s the President’s duty to protect national security, but he must consult with Congress and seek an Authorization for Use of Military Force if he intends to take further military action involving Syria.

“The President’s plans should include relief for refugees – the internally displaced as well as the millions who have fled Syria, among them many who have applied for asylum in the United States.

“The massacre in Syria this week at its leader’s own hand has caused the President to reconsider his approach; further steps should be marked by level-headedness, compassion and respect for the balance of powers enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.”



Mike Coffman (R)

Congressional District: 7, Colorado 

Bush-Obama County in District — Jefferson

Full Statement:

“Tonight’s actions in Syria come after Assad’s horrific actions against his own people. America must show leadership and I’m thankful for what appears to be an effective response by our military.”







Kathy Castor (D)

Congressional District: 14, Florida 

Bush-Obama County in District — Hillsborough

Full Statement:

“The Tomahawk missile strike on the Syrian air base was an important and targeted response to Bashar Assad’s use of chemical weapons. Russia and Iran should be held accountable as well for their support of Assad and his war on the Syrian people.

“The U.S. Constitution vests the responsibility to declare war in the Congress. Congressional leaders, the Trump Administration and Obama Administration have been derelict in following the requirements of the Constitution and law for a formal Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF). The military strike on Syria and ongoing war on ISIS should prod policymakers to return to Washington and adopt a new AUMF.”



Dennis Ross (R)

Congressional District: 15, Florida 

Bush-Obama County in District — Hillsborough

Full Statement:

“I support @POTUS military action in Syria. The U.S. will not tolerate Assad’s evil attacks on innocent lives, including babies and children.”





Hank Johnson, Jr. (D)

Congressional District: 4, Georgia 

Bush-Obama Counties in District — Newton, Rockdale

Full Statement:

“The atrocious chemical weapons attack this week was a visceral reminder of the horrors facing the Syrian people caught in this years long civil war.

President Trump’s military strike raises several disturbing concerns about this Administration’s approach to foreign policy and national security. The policy of brute force is no substitute for rational thinking and the careful consideration of all possible options and consequences.

President Trump’s reactive and impulsive actions will not create safer conditions for innocent Syrian civilians and will also risk enflaming what is already an escalating conflagration. It should be noted that since taking office, President Trump has quietly and without Congressional consultation increased American boots on the ground in both Syria and Iraq.

These actions are inconsistent with his long-held position of opposing combat operations in Syria. With these actions, the President has demonstrated that his own words cannot be taken at face value. The Syrian civil war is composed of multiple coalitions and competing interests. Russian, Iranian, and Turkish troops – as well as forces from ISIL, Al-Qaeda, and Hezbollah – fight amidst hundreds of Syrian factions.

This complex conflict requires a thoughtful international approach, not a unilateral military strike. It is for this reason the Administration must come to Congress with a long-term, comprehensive strategy that promotes America’s national security interests in the region and protects innocent civilians caught in the cross-fire.”



Jody Hice (R)

Congressional District: 10, Georgia

Bush-Obama Counties in District — Baldwin, Newton

Full Statement:

-“The Obama Administration’s naive trust of Assad with chemical weapons similar to its naive trust of Iran w/ nuclear weapons. #SyriaGasAttack





Raúl Labrador (R)

Congressional District: 1, Idaho

Bush-Obama County in District — Latah

Full Statement:

“Like all Americans, I was appalled by the use of chemical weapons in Syria and heartbroken that so many innocent people fell victim in such a heinous way.  The Syrian government’s abuse of human rights is unacceptable and deserves a strong, thoughtful response from the United States and all civilized nations.  However, our response must be in the best interests of the American people and approved by Congress through the deliberative process outlined in our Constitution.

“President Trump needs to have an active dialogue with Congress about not only yesterday’s attack but also any further engagement in Syria.  I agree with many of the points President Trump has made about Syria, but his policy will be more effective when it has strong, informed, and bipartisan support in Congress.  The American people would benefit from a more active debate about the possible risks and benefits of U.S. intervention in Syria.

“I encourage our Leadership to call us back to Congress so we can debate whether additional military action might be needed to advance the security of the American people.”

Please read my full statement on #Syria here: http://goo.gl/BsbqD1




Daniel Lipinski (D)

Congressional District: 3, Illinois

Bush-Obama Counties in District — DuPage, Will

Full Statement:

“The recent chemical weapons attack on civilians by the Assad regime in Syria was reprehensible and a war crime.  Last night’s missile strikes by the United States shows the Syrian government and its patrons that the use of chemicals weapons, especially against children and unarmed civilians, is unacceptable and will not go unanswered.

“If President Trump seeks to further escalate U.S. involvement in the Syrian conflict, then he must come to Congress with a plan and seek congressional approval.  We owe it to our brave men and women in the U.S. armed forces before we put them into harm’s way.”



Mike Quigley (D)

Congressional District: 5, Illinois

Bush-Obama County in District — DuPage

Full Statement:

“The deadly chemical weapons attack perpetrated by the Assad regime in northern Syria this week was inhumane, barbaric, and deserves the full condemnation of the international community. The U.S. military strikes ordered in response last night were proportional and appropriate, and may prevent Assad from carrying out future chemical attacks against the Syrian people. Nevertheless, I am concerned by the Trump Administration’s lack of consultation with Congress before carrying out the attacks. Congress has a fundamental duty to provide consent for comprehensive military strategy and to shape the parameters in which we engage with our adversaries. Congress can no longer abdicate it’s responsibility and must immediately consider a new Authorization for Use of Military Force before taking any further actions against the Assad regime in Syria. Additionally, Congress must take steps to provide increased humanitarian assistance to Syrians suffering from years of brutal civil war, including those displaced in country as well as refugees seeking security for their families. This includes reexamining our refugee policy so that the United States can provide a safe haven for the many Syrians who have been displaced by war. It’s crucial to remember the actions taken last night will not provide a lasting political solution to the crisis in Syria. We must continue, however difficult, to seek a diplomatic and permanent end to the Syrian civil war and partner with our allies to reduce regional chaos.”



Peter Roskam (R) 

Congressional District: 6, Illinois

Bush-Obama Counties in District — DuPage, Kane, Lake

Full Statement:

“Last night we saw bold & decisive action against the war criminal Bashar al-Assad – but airstrikes alone will not solve the crisis in #Syria



Raja Krishnamoorthi (D)


Congressional District: 8, Illinois

Bush-Obama County in District — DuPage, Kane

Full Statement:

“Bashar al-Assad’s massacre of men, women, and children through the use of banned chemical weapons is only his most recent atrocity. The Assad regime must be held to account for the horrors it has wrought upon its own people. This newest barbarism serves as a reminder that the Assad regime must go.

Any expanded or longer-term military operation against the Assad regime must be executed in consultation with the Congress and our key allies. The administration must present the American people with clear goals and a strategy through which to achieve them. I will work with my colleagues in the House to demand the White House to develop a comprehensive policy that holds the Assad regime accountable for its heinous acts and brings about a transition to a new government in Syria.”


Bill Foster (D)

Congressional District: 11, Illinois

Bush-Obama Counties in District — DuPage, Kane

Full Statement:

“The Assad regime’s continued possession and use of chemical weapons is a violation of international law and universal standards of humanity,” Rep. Foster said according to his staff.



Adam Kinzinger (R)

Congressional District: 16, Illinois 

Bush-Obama Counties in District — DeKalb, Will, Winnebago

Full Statement:

“Tonight, the United States stood up for humanity, and sent a clear message to the barbaric Syrian regime, and the entire world. America will not sit idly by, and allow a dictator to butcher his country’s men, women, and children. I applaud the President for his swift action against Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian military.”

“For several years, since the first reports of chemical attacks, I have called for strikes against the Assad regime, urging action to thwart the murder of innocent civilians and enforce our red lines. Instead, President Obama failed to take action and we as a nation have watched this genocide claim nearly 500,000 Syrian lives.

“But tonight, I am proud to see President Trump, and our nation, stand against weapons of mass destruction. The horrific atrocities of the Idlib gas attack this week shook the world as we witnessed innocent civilians gasping for their last breath, dying at the hands of Assad’s regime. The U.S. attack on the Syrian air base tonight will help save more innocents from meeting that same fate, and help prevent future use of such vile attacks.

“I applaud our skilled armed forces and our troops around the world. These strikes tonight send a strong message: America will no longer allow evil to prevail.”



Cheri Bustos (D)

Congressional District: 17, Illinois 

Bush-Obama Counties in District — Carroll, Winnebago

Full Statement:

“Like all Americans, I was horrified and outraged by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s use of poisonous gas against his own people, including innocent women and children. This is just the latest war crime committed by Assad over the course of the civil war. To stop this threat, we need broad international cooperation to put additional pressure on the Syrian government. The airstrikes against Assad’s forces appear to be a proportional response to the regime’s use of chemical weapons. However, President Trump must present the American people and Congress a clear and transparent strategy to ensure we do not rush into another open-ended conflict in the Middle East.”

Bustos Statement on U.S. Airstrikes in Syria




Peter Visclosky (D)

Congressional District: 1, Indiana 

Bush-Obama County in District — Porter

Full Statement:

“Military strikes alone will not solve the complex problems faced by the people in Syria,” Visclosky said in a statement. “We should be having a much more thoughtful and cogent discussion about establishing a strategy for Syria that encompasses combating terrorism and our economic, diplomatic and cultural approaches to the country, including humanitarian and refugee assistance.”



Luke Messer (R)

Congressional District: 6, Illinois 

Bush-Obama County in District — Delaware

Full Statement:

“Tonight America sent a strong message to the world. We will no longer stand by as Assad and his supporters commit war crimes and atrocities against innocent civilians. I commend President Trump for taking decisive action, and thank the men and women who helped carry out this strike.”



Larry Bucshon (R)

Congressional District: 8, Illinois

Bush-Obama County in District — Vigo

Full Statement:

“The U.S. made clear tonight that the Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons against innocent civilians in Syria will not be tolerated.”






Rod  Blum (R)

Congressional District: 1, Iowa 

Bush-Obama Counties in District — Allamakee, Bremer, Marshall

Full Statement:

“I disagree with the President when he said it was a strategic response for our safety. That’s not true. I don’t think Syria is any threat to the United States,” said Congressman Blum.”





Andy Barr (R)

Congressional District: 6, Kentucky 

Bush-Obama County in District — Fayette

Full Statement:

“Earlier this week, the regime of Bashar al-Assad once again carried out a barbaric chemical attack on innocent men, women, and children in Syria.  This crime against humanity deserved more than mere condemnation; it demanded an immediate response from the civilized world to deter future attacks involving weapons of mass destruction.  Accordingly, I fully support the President’s decision to strike the Syrian airbase from which the chemical attack was launched, and I agree wholeheartedly that the President’s decisive action yesterday was in the vital national security interests of our country.”

“The days of ‘leading from behind’ and unenforced red lines are over.  Our allies can now rest assured that this Commander-in-Chief will give substance and meaning to our diplomacy through moral clarity and the credible threat of military force.  Our adversaries, including Russia, Iran, North Korea and radical Islamic terrorists like ISIS, now know that the United States will no longer hesitate to protect our national security and our values.  I applaud the men and women of the United States Armed Forces for carrying out this just mission with effectiveness and precision.”





Garret Graves (R)

Congressional District: 6, Louisiana 

Bush-Obama County in District — East Baton Rouge

Full Statement:

“While military action must be reserved for last resort and other extraordinary conditions, it is encouraging to finally see America’s words, once again, mean something. To be taken seriously in the global community, we must enforce red lines. Our words must be followed with action. Years of empty threats and passive behavior have only emboldened the Assad regime, Russia and others to push boundaries and carry out senseless violence without penalty. The repeated atrocities of the Assad regime using supposedly-destroyed chemical weapons has resulted in tragic loss of life. The missile strikes in Syria have weakened Assad’s capabilities and made it clear that there is a price to pay for poisoning innocent civilians. It also sends a clear signal to both our allies and rogue regimes that America is back.”




Bruce Poliquin (R)

Congressional District: 2, Maine

Bush-Obama County in District — Washington

Full Statement:

“The President’s swift action was a proportional and appropriate response to the savage use of chemical weapons and violation of human rights, including targeting women and children,” said Congressman Poliquin. “If the President moves to take further action, the Administration must work and consult with Congress on a comprehensive plan for the crisis in the region. Syria has become more than just an internal civil war, with the involvement of ISIS and other bad actors in the region.”




Jack Bergman (R)


Congressional District: 1, Michigan 

Bush-Obama County in District — Delta

Full Statement:

“Just received a classified briefing on the situation in Syria from Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joe Dunford. Strike last night was proportional, given Assad’s heinous acts against innocent civilians early this week. The strike was intended to keep the Assad regime from EVER using chemical weapons again. Russia was notified before the strikes, and precautions were taken to protect U.S. forces against any retaliatory attacks. Forces took extraordinary measures to avoid casualties to civilians and casualties to airfield personnel. Bottom line: U.S. acted decisively and appropriately in the face of the Assad regime’s cowardice. Bottom line: this nation leads.”

(Series of tweets)



John Moolenaar (R)

Congressional District: 4, Michigan 

Bush-Obama County in District — Shiawassee

Full Statement:

“Earlier this week Bashar al-Assad’s horrific use of chemical weapons slaughtered innocent children in Syria. Last night’s U.S. military strike on Assad’s airfield carried out by our brave men and women damages his ability to perpetrate future atrocities and is a strong signal that the United States will not accept his brutal use of chemical weapons.”


Fred Upton (R)

Congressional District: 6, Michigan 

Bush-Obama County in District — Van Buren

Full Statement:

“After Assad delivered a heinous chemical attack on his own citizens, an unmistakable message had to be delivered. I believe these targeted, measured airstrikes were an appropriate response to the unfolding atrocities. As we move forward, the administration must work with Congress and the international community to support these efforts.”


Tim Walberg (R)

Congressional District: 7, Michigan 

Bush-Obama County in District — Eaton

Full Statement:

“Last night’s missile strike against the Syrian airbase used to launch the chemical weapons attack was a decisive and targeted response. It puts the Assad regime on notice that these unimaginable acts of evil cannot continue and will not be tolerated. Moving forward, it is important the Administration work with Congress and our allies to develop a long-term strategy for Syria and the region.”





Timothy Walz (D)

Congressional District: 1, Minnesota 

Bush-Obama Counties in District — Houston, Olmsted

Full Statement:

“On Tuesday, the Assad Regime, which is backed by Putin’s Russia, committed an unconscionable war crime against the Syrian people when it carried out a chemical attack killing innocent men, women, and children. I condemn Assad’s use of chemical weapons in the strongest possible terms.

“While the United States will not tolerate the use of chemical weapons and the missile strikes our Armed Forces conducted last night in response to this monstrosity were clearly warranted, the signal that they sent was less clear. Before the United States takes any further military action, especially if it may risk putting more of our men and women in uniform into harm’s way, the Congress must vote on the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF).

“I have been advocating for a new AUMF throughout my time in Congress because, no matter the administration – and absent an immediate, direct threat to the U.S. – the decision to use military force lies with the Congress, as is stated in our Constitution.  However, before we, as Members of Congress, can exercise our most solemn constitutional duty of deciding whether it is in our national interest to send our fellow Americans to war, the Trump Administration must communicate a holistic strategy to address the situation in the region to Congress, which it has yet to do. I fear that if a sound plan to address the complexities on the ground in Syria and Iraq is not offered quickly, our window of opportunity to affect positive change may soon close.

“Furthermore, any holistic strategy cannot fall solely under the Department of Defense’s responsibility.  The State Department and other agencies need to play a critical role, and I’m concerned that the Trump Administration’s proposed budget cuts to these agencies tell us that this Administration fails to value their vital contributions toward peace.

“Assad must be brought to justice, but we cannot enter into another perpetual war. If we are to take further military action in Syria, we owe it to our brave service members to provide them a clear directive, an unquestionable path to victory, and a coalition of allied forces to fight by their side.”



Jason Lewis (R)


Congressional District: 2, Minnesota

Bush-Obama Counties in District — Dakota, Washington

Full Statement:

“Because the horrors in Syria–whether the recent chemical attack carried out by the Assad regime, or those committed by ISIS-aligned rebel forces–continue to shock the conscience, it’s easy to understand why President Trump took the action he did.

“Nevertheless, Syria is very complicated and the situation on the ground remains stubbornly intractable. We should continue our efforts towards resolving the conflict, but any escalation of military action must get approval from Congress.”



Betty McCollum (D)

Congressional District: 4, Minnesota

Bush-Obama County in District — Washington

“The Syrian military’s use of chemical weapons against civilians was a heinous violation of human rights and international norms and, alongside the more than 400,000 dead in the Syrian civil war, another example of the Assad regime’s crimes against humanity. The U.S. airstrike ordered by President Donald Trump against Syria’s Shayrat airfield was a restrained and limited response. However, President Trump’s show of force will likely have no real effect on the disastrous civil war that continues to rage in Syria, where both the Assad regime and ISIS control regions within a divided country.

“President Trump must be fully transparent with Congress and the American people about his plans for expanding the U.S. military’s role in the Syrian conflict. There are currently as many as 1,000 U.S. special forces inside Syria battling ISIS. American drone strikes against targets in Syria recently left scores of civilians dead, according to media reports. With this strike, it is clear that the Trump administration is expanding U.S. military involvement in Syria. It is absolutely imperative that President Trump come to Congress to ask for the legal authority to use additional military force in Syria – setting clearly defined parameters for American involvement. In 2013, Congress rejected President Obama’s request for authorization to conduct limited strikes against the Assad regime following chemical attacks on civilians. The failure of Republicans and Democrats in Congress to support President Obama gave Assad a green light to use these weapons again.

“The United States, working with our international allies and partners, needs a comprehensive plan to address the Syrian regime’s barbaric acts while keeping innocent Syrians safe. The need to coordinate with our allies and partners is made even more obvious by the fact the Russian government were either complicit or willfully ignorant as this chemical attack took place. President Trump must hold Russian President Putin accountable for enabling the Assad regime’s crimes. In addition, a comprehensive diplomatic and humanitarian plan to address the Syrian crisis must include the admission of Syrian refugees into the United States, something that President Trump extinguished with his discriminatory and bigoted ban on Muslim immigration.

“I urge Speaker Paul Ryan to immediately call the U.S. House of Representatives back into session. Now is not the time for Congress to be in recess for two weeks. Congress must fully debate the Trump administration’s military actions in Syria and set clear limits on the use of U.S. troops and military action in accord with our responsibilities under the Constitution.”





Trent Kelly (R)

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 4.16.32 PM

Congressional District: 1, Mississippi

Bush-Obama Counties in District — Chickasaw, Oktibbeha

Full Statement:

“A chemical weapons attack on innocent civilians cannot be tolerated. Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad committed this act against his own people, and President Trump ordered a targeted military strike on the airfield in Syria used to carry out this horrible crime. I believe this decision is a measured and appropriate response, and fully support the president as well as the troops who carried out his orders. If Assad will murder his own countrymen, he won’t think twice about using chemical weapons well beyond his borders.” 



Bennie Thompson (D)

Congressional District: 2, Mississippi

Bush-Obama Counties in District — Copiah, Yazoo

Full Statement:

“President Trump has made it clear that he does not want refugees to come to the United States, but now that we are in a bombing mood, we are displacing Syrian people and I think we need to have a plan,” he said.

“I think a lot of members of Congress are in support of doing something to help the Syrian people,” Thompson said. “As a member of Congress, I am waiting on the President to come to Congress with a plan. At this point there is no plan. There’s no plan for the refugees who are being displaced by the bombings and things that are going on.”



New Hampshire


Carol Shea-Porter (D)


Congressional District: 1, New Hampshire

Bush-Obama County in District — Hillsborough

Full Statement:

“Today I attended a classified briefing conducted by General Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. We discussed the cruise missile strike against the airfield that Syrian President Assad used to launch a chemical weapon attack against his own people.

“The horrific suffering of the Syrian people is an urgent international crisis, and has been for years. The many war crimes the Assad regime has committed, including the use of chemical weapons and the indiscriminate slaughter of civilians, have no place in a civilized world.

“While our military strike was measured and carried out to send a warning, the situation on the ground is very complex and requires an accompanying diplomatic and humanitarian strategy. That is why President Trump must reverse his plan to cut the State Department and humanitarian aid budgets, and work with the international community to help the Syrian people.

“He must also come to Congress to obtain an Authorization for the Use of Military Force. As he himself tweeted in 2013, ‘The President must get Congressional approval before attacking Syria.’ As a member of the House Armed Services Committee, I take Congress’s Constitutional responsibility to authorize the use of military force very seriously. I call on the Trump administration to immediately present Congress with a request for such an authorization along with a detailed strategy for success, just as I called on the Obama administration to do in 2013. The need for an AUMF is especially urgent in light of today’s comments from U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley that President Trump is ‘prepared to do more’ in terms of military engagement in Syria.”



Ann Kuster (D)

Congressional District: 2, New Hampshire

Bush-Obama County in District — Hillsborough

Full Statement:

“President Bashar al-Assad has consistently shown blatant disregard for innocent human life. This week’s chemical weapons attack, which left scores of civilians including children dead, was a sobering reminder of the evils being perpetrated by the Assad regime. It is clear that Assad can have no part in the future of Syria. Last night’s strike by U.S. Forces against Assad’s airpower appears to be an appropriate response to Assad’s gruesome slaughter of his own people. Our men and women in uniform have demonstrated their unparalleled professionalism and capabilities in executing this operation. However, we cannot allow ourselves to be dragged into another protracted war in the Middle East.”

“President Trump must come to Congress for an Authorization for Use of Military Force to clearly define his authority to act if the President intends any further military action. The American people deserve an open debate about the use of military force and President Trump and his advisors must develop a thorough diplomatic and political strategy for how to move forward in Syria. We must continue to support humanitarian efforts and work to protect vulnerable civilians from both the Assad regime and ISIS terrorists.”



New Jersey


Bonnie Watson Coleman (D)

Congressional District: 12, New Jersey

Bush-Obama County in District — Somerset

Full Statement:

“.@realDonaldTrump There’s clear hypocrisy in that you will condemn Assad’s crimes but won’t allow his victims to seek asylum in our country.”



New Mexico

Michelle Lujan Grisham (D)

Congressional District: 1, New Mexico

Bush-Obama Counties in District — Hidalgo, Sandoval, Valencia

Full Statement:

“The gas attacks and slaughter of innocent civilians and children in Syria is yet another act against humanity by the Russian-backed Assad regime. These are war crimes that cannot go unanswered.

“However, Americans deserve a plan of action, which means an immediate debate in Congress regarding the use of force. We cannot allow an inexperienced and volatile President to act alone when the stakes are so high. President Trump’s illegal anti-refugee actions have only worsened the political crisis in Syria, emboldened our enemies, and turned our back on millions of innocent people fleeing Assad’s crimes against humanity.   

“We must work on a comprehensive approach to hold Assad and his Russian backers accountable, address the humanitarian crisis, and develop an international political strategy to ultimately end the violence.”



Steve Pearce (R)

Congressional District: 2, New Mexico

Bush-Obama County in District — Valencia

Full Statement:

“The atrocities of the Syrian Civil War were seen by the world in yesterday’s horrific use of chemical weapons on men, women, and children in Syria. President Trump demonstrated through his actions that the United States will not stand back and watch in silence while crimes against humanity occur. I stand behind the President’s targeted response and believe the Administration needs to work towards a strategic plan led by moderate Arab states that brings stability to Syria so its people and families can return to leading normal lives.”



Ben Luján (D)

Congressional District: 3, New Mexico 

Bush-Obama Counties in District — Los Alamos, Sandoval

Full Statement:

“Syria’s use of chemical weapons against civilians and children is a despicable and heinous act. While this missile strike was clearly meant to deter their use, chemical weapons need to be dealt with by a global coalition. Before we take any further military action, Congress should be called back from recess to be briefed, and a plan must be presented, reviewed, and debated.”



New York


Sean Maloney (D)

Congressional District: 18, New York

Bush-Obama County in District — Orange

Full Statement:

“First of all, I hope everyone will join me in saying a prayer for our troops who are right now in harm’s way serving our country.

“President Assad is a butcher and a murderer, and the images of his chemical weapons attack on his own people – including women and children – was one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen. Last night’s tactical strikes were a targeted and proportionate response.

“However, the U.S. cannot conduct foreign policy on an ad hoc basis. If the President wants to take expanded military action in Syria, he must get a formal Authorization for the Use of Military Force from Congress. Members of Congress should have to stand up and be counted before we commit to a wider conflict in Syria. In addition, any plan to increase our military role in this conflict has to include a clear mission objective and exit strategy and it needs the support of the American people.”



John Faso (R)


Congressional District: 19, New York

Bush-Obama County in District — Otsego

Full Statement:

“The US attack on the Syrian air base associated with the chemical weapons attack was the correct response. The civilized world must respond to the horrific use of chemical weapons, especially against innocent civilians, or else we risk normalizing such behavior which has been outlawed since the end of World War I.”



Paul Tonko (D)

Congressional District: 20, New York

Bush-Obama County in District — Saratoga

Full Statement:

“The horrific chemical attacks on innocent Syrians were the latest atrocity in the Syrian Civil War, which has now entered its sixth year. Last night’s airstrikes appear to have narrowly targeted Al Shayrat airfield in what seems to have been a measured response. However, I am concerned that this could be a sign of more to come. I was skeptical of increasing U.S. military engagement in Syria under President Obama and that skepticism continues under President Trump.

Before escalating U.S. military actions in Syria any further, President Trump must do the following:

First, the President must articulate a clear strategy for the region that includes a plan to bring an end to this conflict. The American people and the U.S. service-members who would be put in harm’s way deserve it.

Second, President Trump must come to Congress for a new Authorization for Use of Military Force. Congress should thoroughly and publicly debate the merits and risks of the President’s proposal.

Finally, President Trump must continue to provide humanitarian assistance to the region and resume offering refuge to innocent Syrians, who are victims of their brutal government and terrorist organizations.

Ultimately, the Syrian Civil War will not be ended by a missile strike. It requires a diplomatic solution. I encourage President Trump to engage with the other governments of the world, including President Assad’s supporters in Russia, to bring an end to this conflict.”



Elise Stefanik (R)

Congressional District: 21, New York

Bush-Obama Counties in District — Essex, Saratoga, Warren, Washington

Full Statement:

“This week the world watched in horror as the Assad regime used chemical weapons to murder dozens of men, women and children. The Obama Administration policy towards Syria has failed and we need a new strategy. As a Member of the House Armed Services Committee, this will be an important part of our work and I will be monitoring the situation closely with my colleagues.”



Claudia Tenney (R)


Congressional District: 22, New York

Bush-Obama Counties in District — Cortland, Madison, Oswego

Full Statement:

“Earlier this week, the Assad regime launched a brutal chemical weapons attack in Syria that killed innocent men, women and children. The policies of the past administration have failed and it is now time for a new strategy. Last night, President Trump’s action showed the world that the United States will not sit idly by while the Assad regime continues to murder their own people. Going forward, it is vitally important that the administration involve Congress in any future decisions regarding the region.”



John Katko (R)

Congressional District: 24, New York

Bush-Obama County in District — Oswego

Full Statement:

“The horrific and barbaric chemical attacks by the Assad regime against innocent civilians, including children, warranted strong and measured action.  Targeted U.S. strikes on the air base from which these chemical attacks emanated were a proportional response to this horrible atrocity.  Given the complexity of the conflict in Syria, I urge the Administration to articulate its strategy moving forward.  As always, our Armed Forces acted bravely, professionally, and successfully, and I remain committed to ensuring they have the resources to be safe and successful.”



North Carolina


G.K. Butterfield, Jr. (D)

Congressional District: 1, North Carolina

Bush-Obama Counties in District — Pitt, Wilson

Full Statement:

“The Assad regime’s protracted attack on Syrian citizens, including small children, and its multiple uses of chemical weapons on its own people, its deplorable.

Last night’s air strike against Syrian military assets in response to the Assad regime’s latest use of chemical weapons on Syrian civilians renews the urgency to find a solution that finally ends the civil war and humanitarian crisis in Syria. If the President plans on pursuing a deeper military engagement in the Syrian conflict, he needs to seek the authorization of Congress. Our priority, however, must be to work with our allies to achieve a diplomatic solution. A multilateral diplomatic solution is necessary to reduce the strain on our military and is only possible with a fully funded and staffed State Department.

Defense Secretary James Mattis cautioned that ‘if you don’t fund the State Department fully, then (ultimately) I need to buy more ammunition.’ That is why I urge the President to abandon his proposed drastic cuts to funding that support America’s diplomatic leadership around the world.

We must not rush into another prolonged conflict in the Middle East. We owe the American People and our brave American troops and their families nothing less.”



Walter Jones, Jr. (R)

Congressional District: 3, North Carolina

Bush-Obama County in District — Pitt

Full Statement:

“Regardless of the circumstances, no American president has the constitutional right to commit acts of war against a sovereign nation without approval from Congress,” said Congressman Jones.  “As clearly stated in the Constitution, Congress has the sole power to declare war.  This is a dangerous precedent for the president to set for the new administration.”



David Price (D)

Congressional District: 4, North Carolina

Bush-Obama County in District — Wake

Full Statement:

“Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons against his own people was an act of barbarism that I condemn in the strongest possible terms. Assad’s attack is the latest in a series of horrors that have brutalized his own people, driven millions from their homeland, and horrified the world.  We must ensure that last night’s targeted airstrike and any further U.S. action are part of a comprehensive strategy to bring the horrific conflict in Syria to an end without drawing our Armed Forces into a broader military engagement that could threaten American lives and regional stability.

“Having ordered this attack without congressional authorization, President Trump owes Congress and the American people an explanation of what comes next.  Any credible strategy must take into account the need for a political transition in Syria, ongoing efforts to eliminate the grave threat posed by ISIS and other extremist groups, the humanitarian crisis facing Syrian refugees, and the role of regional diplomacy in addressing all of these challenges.  The President made empathetic overtures about saving Syrian children in his remarks last night; he could start making good on his words by reversing his xenophobic refugee ban and fully funding international refugee assistance efforts.”



Virginia Foxx (R)

Congressional District: 5, North Carolina

Bush-Obama County in District — Forsyth

Full Statement:

“The chemical attack in Syria earlier this week was a stark reminder that Syrian dictator Bashar a;-Assad will stop at nothing to stay in power. The evidence of nerve agents used against his own people also proves that the dictator’s word is faithless, as he previously agreed to disarm himself of his chemical arsenal. All of this has occurred because the United Nations has been completely ineffective in stopping the countless atrocities committed against the Syrian people. After six years of civil war, the United States and the international community can no longer stand aside while innocent men, women, children are murdered. The president’s decisive but measured response to the chemical attack in Syria is an attempt to hold Assad accountable, and I am hopeful that the administration’s new direction will chart a course to the end of the humanitarian crisis that has resulted from the prolonged conflict.”



Alma Adams (D)

Congressional District: 12, North Carolina

Bush-Obama County in District — Forsyth

Full Statement:

“I strongly condemn the heinous attacks Assad launched against his own people earlier this week that killed dozens of men, women, and children. Tonight’s airstrike appears to be a proportional response to regimes use of chemical weapons, however, any further military action must be closely scrutinized by Congress.”

(WFMY News 2 Website):



Ted Budd (R)


Congressional District: 13, North Carolina 

Bush-Obama Counties in District — Wake, Wilson

Full Statement:

“Last night, President Trump, responding to reports that the Syrian regime had used chemical weapons on civilians, launched a cruise missile strike against an airfield in Syria. It was a proportional response to an atrocity. Before any further escalation of American involvement, I urge the President to work with Congress to craft a long-term strategy to address this issue.”





Steve Chabot (R)

Congressional District: 1, Ohio

Bush-Obama County in District — Hamilton

Full Statement:

“President Assad’s barbaric attack on innocent civilians demonstrates yet again that he will ignore the global community until he is forced to listen. Last night, President Trump ordered the United States military to conduct a limited strike on the airbase that the Syrian government used to stage the latest chemical weapons attack. The President’s response makes clear that Mr. Assad’s repeated violations of international norms will no longer be tolerated.

“I want to urge the President to consult with Congress before committing significant numbers of troops on the ground.”



Brad Wenstrup (R)

Congressional District: 2, Ohio

Bush-Obama County in District — Hamilton

Full Statement:

“The Assad regime’s repeated use of chemical weapons is unacceptable. The targeted strikes ordered by the President, in consultation with Congressional leaders, was an appropriate and just response to the most recent atrocities. While Congressional engagement over long-term strategic objectives in the region must continue, I support the President’s decisive actions to tangibly weaken the Assad regime’s ability to murder innocent people with chemical weapons.”



Jim Jordan (R)

Congressional District: 4, Ohio

Bush-Obama County in District — Sandusky

Full Statement:

“Something this evil and this bad, I think it’s appropriate to do what the president did. But, I think, thinking down the road, if it’s going to be more that this, the constitution requires that we have a debate in congress. But, I support what our military did with the attacks on the Airfield and missile attacks. The greatest country in the world needs to say, ‘Look we can’t tolerate this’,” says Congressman Jim Jordan.



Robert Latta (R)

Congressional District: 5, Ohio

Bush-Obama Counties in District — Ottawa, Wood

Full Statement:

“The actions the United States took against the Syrian regime were appropriate and just after the use of a chemical weapons attack this week on innocent men, women and children. I welcome further engagement by the Administration with Congress on the conflict in Syria. In the meantime, I hope these actions deter further atrocities by Bashar al-Assad.”

(series of 3 tweets)



Marcy Kaptur (D)

Congressional District: 9, Ohio 

Bush-Obama County in District — Ottawa

Full Statement:

“The use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime is the latest in a desperate and violent war that Assad is waging on his own people. Neither Congress nor the American people know the full extent of how this Trump Administration action was planned and executed. We do know the Assad regime in Syria consistently commits horrendous atrocities against its own people, but the U.S. bombing of a Syrian airbase unilaterally, undertaken outside a global coalition to remove the Assad regime, is a high-risk action that could cause terrorist retaliation against U.S. targets anywhere in the world.

There is no doubt that our troops are ready to complete any task that is before them, and the U.S. must fight tyranny and oppression, but Congress needs to have a say. We shouldn’t rush headstrong into conflict, and as a Nation, we must always weigh the consequences of such action. I urge President Trump to consult with Congress to seek authorization and consult with the American people before any further action in Syria.”





Earl Blumenauer (D)

Congressional District: 3, Oregon

Bush-Obama County in District — Clackamas

Full Statement:

“Many Americans are deeply wary of being drawn into another war in the Middle East,” Merkley wrote in a statement. “We owe the nation full consideration of the complete range of options, including pursuit of an international agreement to end the war and end Assad’s reign of terror.”

Blumenauer also signaled a demand that the Trump Administration seek other ways to react to the humanitarian crisis in Syria.

“If Trump’s concern for the Syrian people is real, he should start by allowing refugees back in the country, fully funding humanitarian assistance, working on a comprehensive strategy to provide stability in that region, and obtaining a new and current Authorization for use of Military Force from Congress,” he wrote in a statement.

Blumenauer criticized Trump for ordering the strike, a reversal from the president’s stance on the campaign trail and in online missives in previous years.

“This turning on a dime makes it hard to believe he has thought this out and has a sense of where this all leads,” he wrote. (Oregon live website):



Kurt Schrader (D)

Congressional District: 5, Oregon 

Bush-Obama County in District — Clackamas, Tillamook

Full Statement:

“It is imperative that Assad be removed from power. He has shown himself to be a brutal authoritarian with zero compassion or respect for his own people much less any other nation. His regime’s heinous actions and his cruelty towards his own people are intolerable and have to end immediately. The tepid response this past week by our European and Arab partners is terribly disheartening. The United States’ air strike last night shows that Americans are clearly incensed by the Assad regime’s brutality.

“However, we are not the world’s policeman. Our allies in Europe, the region and indeed all humanitarian-concerned nations need to be involved, and we are clearly willing to work with our partners in the region. Ours should be a supportive role to the nations in closest proximity to Syria, and those most affected by the refugee crisis. I have serious misgivings about any further authorization without involving leadership from our EU and Middle East allies.

“Further, I am totally opposed to any President taking military action without consideration and approval from Congress. Trump not only approved this strike without involving us, but he approved it shortly after the House entered into a two week recess. I also find it unacceptably ironic that this President is willing to take unilateral military action, yet he refuses to accept, and continues to tout xenophobic rhetoric and policy against those seeking refuge from the cruel, inhumane Assad regime. This President continues to show a complete disregard for Congress and our separation of powers. Congress must be given the decision to go to war against the Assad regime.”





Scott Perry (R)

Congressional District: 4, Pennsylvania

Bush-Obama County in District — Dauphin

Full Statement:

”This was a targeted airstrike at the Shayrat Airfield in response to the horrific chemical weapons attack on civilians by their own government in Syria. This assault on the innocent is reprehensible by our own moral standards and those of the international community. There are no easy answers in Syria, but this heinous act warranted a response. We completely support our men and women in uniform for executing their missions with the professionalism we’ve come to expect from the strongest fighting force in the world.”



Lou Barletta (R)

Congressional District: 11, Pennsylvania

Bush-Obama County in District — Dauphin

Full Statement:

“President Trump took decisive action to send a message to the world that our nation will not stand by while a dictator brutally murders civilians, including women and children.  The targeted missile strikes on the airfield from where the Syrian government launched the gas attack were a necessary and proportionate response.  I fully support the president’s move.”



Charles Dent (R)

Congressional District: 15, Pennsylvania 

Bush-Obama County in District — Dauphin

Full Statement:

“I strongly condemn the use of chemical weapons against innocent populations. Such heinous attacks, which are in violation of widely followed international prohibitions, serve no purpose other than to indiscriminately target and inflict horrific pain upon innocent men, women and children. After the 2013 chemical attack in Syria, the Russians agreed to collect and dispose of Syria’s chemical arsenal.

Clearly, both Russia and Assad reneged on and failed to honor that agreement as evidenced by the most recent sarin gas attack.

The administration’s targeted strikes demonstrate to President Bashar al-Assad and his enablers that such actions will no longer be tolerated and will be met with appropriate responses. The Syrian crisis has already claimed over 400,000 lives, and it is my hope that this action sends a clear message of American resolve to the Assad regime and the broader international community. The administration and Congress have an important role to play in paving the way forward toward a political resolution of the Syrian crisis, and I will continue to remain engaged in that debate.”






Ted Poe (R)

Congressional District: 2, Texas

Bush-Obama County in District — Harris

Full Statement:

“The use of chemical weapons is not only barbaric , it is a violation of international law. Accordingly, last night, the United States responded forcefully with a targeted strike against the origin of that attack. This swift and decisive retaliation was an appropriate and proportional response to this horrific crime. This Administration has sent the message to Assad and other dictators that when they do cross that red line there will now be consequences from the United States.”

(Houston Chronicle website):



Jeb Hensarling (R)

Congressional District: 5, Texas

Bush-Obama County in District — Dallas

Full Statement:

“President Trump was right to act quickly and decisively to the atrocities committed by the forces of Bashar al-Assad.  While no president has a blank check to circumvent congress in these matters, President Trump’s actions were entirely appropriate given the circumstances.

“The Trump Administration’s actions are in stark contrast to President Obama’s idle ‘red Line’ threat which was followed by a sham agreement with Assad – brokered by Russia – to destroy all of Syria’s chemical weapons.

“As this situation continues to unfold, it is imperative that Congress work with the President to protect our national security interests and address the humanitarian crisis in Syria.”



John Culberson (R)

Congressional District: 7, Texas

Bush-Obama County in District — Harris

Full Statement:

“Swift decisive action like this missile strike will have a salutary effect on tyrants worldwide. As the leader of the free world, the United States cannot stand by and allow chemical weapons to be used against the Syrian people. I look forward to the Administration engaging with Congress on any ongoing efforts to combat atrocities in Syria.”

(Houston Chronicle website):



Kevin Brady (R)

Congressional District: 8, Texas

Bush-Obama County in District — Harris

Full Statement:

“Like so many across the country and the world, I was sickened by the pictures of the Syrian chemical weapons victims. Too many have died or fled their homeland due to this relentless civil war. At what point is enough enough?”

(Houston Chronicle website):



Al Green (D)

Congressional District: 9, Texas

Bush-Obama County in District — Harris

Full Statement:

“Assad is the pawn, Putin is the problem. Address the problem and you arrest the pawn. Putin is a problem at home and abroad. #SyriaStrikes



Michael McCaul (R)

Congressional District: 10, Texas

Bush-Obama County in District — Harris

Full Statement:

“I commend President Trump’s decisive actions in Syria and fundamentally believe that the United States cannot and must not accept the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime on innocent civilians to become the norm. While the U.S. would prefer a political rather than a military solution to this conflict, the fact remains that you cannot negotiate with tyrants. Passiveness in Syria is what has exacerbated this situation and allowed for adversaries such as Russia and Iran to exert their influence at the expense of U.S. national security, all the while allowing ISIS to flourish. Tonight’s military strikes in Syria are a signal to the world that the days of blank threats are long gone and under this Administration credibility will be restored.”



Sheila Jackson Lee (D)

Congressional District: 18, Texas

Bush-Obama County in District — Harris

Full Statement:

“No amount of missile strikes are going to end the terror in Syria without an established strategy, something the Trump Administration does not have. If we are to stop the killing and solve the problem, Trump must immediately confront Vladimir Putin who is propping up Assad.” (Houston Chronicle website):



Jodey Arrington (R)


Congressional District: 19, Texas

Bush-Obama County in District — Bexar

Full Statement:

“I support President Trump’s decisive response to these abhorrent and inhumane chemical attacks on innocent lives. I am not surprised that Russia and Assad failed to keep their promise, and the world should not be surprised that we now have a Commander-in-Chief who is willing to hold them accountable. This is what American strength and leadership looks like, and this is how you deal with terrorists and barbarians. Assad, Putin, and the rest of the world just learned that America is no longer in the business of making idle threats. I look forward to the President and his team presenting a plan to Congress for dealing with these and other threats to our national security interests going forward.”



Joaquín Castro (D)

Congressional District: 20, Texas

Bush-Obama County in District — Bexar

Full Statement:

“I continue to believe that Congress must authorize any additional use of force against the Syrian government.” 



Lamar Smith (R)

Congressional District: 21, Texas

Bush-Obama County in District — Bexar

Full Statement:

“All Americans can appreciate the President’s strong leadership in responding to Syria’s government launching a chemical attack on their own people.”



Will Hurd (R)

Congressional District: 23, Texas

Bush-Obama Counties in District — Bexar, Val Verde

Full Statement:

“Bashar al-Assad showed a disregard for human life and longstanding norms against chemical weapons with his barbaric attack this week. Last night’s strikes were a limited, proportional, and retaliatory response directly to these actions.  

I support the President for taking strong, decisive action, and I commend our troops for their professionalism in carrying out these strikes. The United States sent a signal to the world that the we will no longer stand idly by as Assad carries out atrocities against the Syrian people.

I continue to believe that a peaceful, prosperous Syria can only exist with a stable government in place which does not include Bashar al-Assad. We must continue to work with our allies, partners, and the international community to achieve this goal.”



Kenny Marchant (R)

Congressional District: 24, Texas

Bush-Obama County in District — Dallas

Full Statement:

“Earlier this week, we witnessed the brutal murders, using chemical weapons, of Syrian men, women, and children by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Tonight, we saw active leadership by President Trump in a targeted military strike against the regime that carried out that brutality.

“With the Syrian Government violating the Chemical Weapons Convention and putting American personnel in the region at risk, this action by President Trump was necessary and warranted. We know that this week’s chemical weapons attack was not an isolated incident. The Assad regime continues to escalate their oppressive actions in violation of international law.

“President Trump’s decisive action and continued vigilance will undoubtedly save innocent lives. My hope is that this is the beginning of continued strategic actions by a global coalition to stabilize this region and save the Syrian people.”



Henry Cuellar (D)

Congressional District: 28, Texas

Bush-Obama County in District — Bexar

Full Statement:

“Bashar al-Assad’s chemical weapons attack on Syrian civilians is an absolute atrocity. Like all Americans, I was horrified by the images of innocent children among the victims. The United States has a responsibility to condemn these actions in the strongest terms, and to hold the perpetrators responsible within the scope of international law.

President Trump’s decision to attack an airfield held by Assad’s forces, in a major reversal from his previous positions, appears to be a proportional response within that framework. If he plans to escalate our military involvement, however, he must come to Congress for a specific Authorization for Use of Military Force. Our troops and their families deserve an open debate and clear objectives before we put them in harm’s way.

Unfortunately, this chemical attack is just an escalation of years of horrific violence, endured by the Syrian people at Assad’s hands with Russia’s complicity. President Trump says he was moved to order airstrikes by compassion for civilian victims. I hope this compassion also inspires him to reconsider his administration’s troubling relationship to the Russian government. America has an opportunity to ease human suffering and stand up for what is right; President Trump has an opportunity to lead that effort, if he is willing to take it.”



Eddie Johnson (D)

Congressional District: 30, Texas

Bush-Obama County in District — Dallas

Full Statement:

“On April 6, 2017, without the authorization of Congress, President Trump ordered airstrikes in Syria as a response to the recent horrific use of chemical weapons by Bashar al-Assad.  Although the United States does not support the actions and treatment of Bashar al-Assad, President Trump and his Administration must first consult with Congress to develop a comprehensive strategy that clearly states the United States’ intent in interactions with Syria. We have a larger issue that needs to be addressed and one night of attacks does not end the continuous troubles seen in Syria.”

“The Administration needs to work with Congress in finding a solution to handle the humanitarian crisis that continues to devastate Syria and find a way to protect the Syrian people from continuous violence.  Our country should not force an escalated situation by putting innocent lives at risk.”  



Pete Sessions (R)

Congressional District: 32, Texas

Bush-Obama County in District — Dallas

Full Statement:

“Yesterday the President made it clear that we will not stand idly by while Bashar al-Assad barbarically uses chemical weapons to take the lives of innocent men, women, and children. President Trump’s decision to launch a targeted airstrike on the airfield where Assad launched the deadly chemical attack on Monday shows a strength and responsibility that we have not seen in eight years. While the complexity of the situation in Syria grows daily, I believe this is a solid first step and I look forward to working with the President and my colleagues in Congress to hold the Assad regime accountable for its heinous actions.”



Marc Veasey (D)

Congressional District: 33, Texas

Bush-Obama County in District — Dallas

Full Statement:

“The world was shaken by the images that resulted from Bashar al-Assad’s latest chemical attack against his own people. Despite my support for the goals of last night’s airstrike, the crisis in Syria will not be resolved by one night of airstrikes. It is imperative that President Trump consults with Congress about the long-term strategy in Syria, the repercussions of last night’s actions, and any future planned military operations. [POSSIBLE PULL] With last night’s actions, it is urgent that Congress debate the need to update the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) to reflect the global threats abroad. When Congress enacted AUMF in 2001, the world was not operating under the threat of ISIS, Russia’s aggression in Europe, provocations by North Korea, and violations of missile treaties. That is why Congress must now debate how these new realities will shape any updated authorizations for future military actions.”



Brian Babin (R)

Congressional District: 36, Texas

Bush-Obama County in District — Harris

Full Statement:

“The tyrants and dictators around the world better take notice that for the first time in eight years we have a strong and decisive commander-in-chief in the White House. … I commend the President for his firm leadership and making clear to Assad and the entire world that such evil will not be tolerated. American leadership is back and it is high time.”





Peter Welch (D)

At-Large, Vermont

Bush-Obama County in District — Essex

Full Statement:

“Only Congress has the power to make war,” U.S. Rep. Peter Welch (D-Vt.) said in an interview Friday morning. “From my perspective, both the president and the Congress are failing to meet their constitutional obligation to get an authorization from Congress before they use military force.”

“It’s a hypothetical, but here’s what I would say: There is a place for the use of force as a deterrent against a barbaric regime that is using chemical weapons,” Welch said. But, he added, “I would not vote for us getting involved militarily in another war in the Middle East.”

Welch said he would have to see a concrete plan from Trump before coming to any definitive conclusion. “It’s extremely concerning to me that the president does not have any plan for what the U.S. is gonna do — not just about the chemical weapons but about Syria and the Middle East in general.”





Robert Wittman (R)

Congressional District: 1, Virginia

Bush-Obama Counties in District — Prince William, Westmoreland

Full Statement:

“Last evening, the United States launched 59 Tomahawk missiles from two United States Navy ships, striking Al Shayrat airfield in Syria. This airfield was used as the staging point for Tuesday’s horrific chemical weapons attack perpetrated by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. I believe this Tomahawk strike sends a clear message to Syria’s dictator: Under this administration, the United States of America will not tolerate the use of chemical weapons.

“I’ve long advocated for the need to develop a more comprehensive strategy in Syria with clearly-articulated goals, benchmarks for success, and an endgame in mind. I will continue to work with my colleagues and the administration to ensure any future action is part of a comprehensive strategy that pursues the best interests of the United States, our allies, and the region as a whole. The best way for Congress to do that moving forward is to debate and pass a new Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) for Syria.”



Bobby Scott (D)

Congressional District: 3, Virginia

Bush-Obama County in District — Henrico

Full Statement:

“I am deeply disturbed by the Assad regime’s continued use of chemical weapons against innocent Syrian civilians.  This and the many other crimes against humanity committed by the Assad regime must be addressed by the entire international community.  

“The missile strikes launched by President Trump last night appear to be a proportional and justified response to these latest atrocities.  However, the President must present a comprehensive plan to Congress and the American people on how his Administration intends to address this situation, ensure that the United Nations and our allies in the Middle East will participate in this effort, and how these strikes fit into that strategy.  If the President intends to commit our military to a sustained and prolonged military intervention in Syria, he must seek a new Authorization of Use of Military Force from Congress.  This will allow Congress to exercise its constitutional prerogative to assess the current situation, review all the facts, debate the issue, and then vote on whether or not to authorize American military action.

“Finally, I again call on the President to reconsider his Administration’s ongoing efforts to suspend the entry of refugees fleeing Syria. The United States has a moral obligation to step up and help innocent men, women and children fleeing unimaginable violence and terror.

“It is my hope that the President will work with Congress in order to develop a comprehensive plan of action that will keep our nation safe, better engage our allies in this effort, address this humanitarian crisis, and ideally keep our men and women in uniform from another protracted military intervention in the Middle East.”



Dave Brat (R)

Congressional District: 7, Virginia

Bush-Obama County in District — Henrico

Full Statement:

“The images from the chemical attacks launched by Assad on his own people are horrific,” he said.

Brat said diplomatic efforts have failed and that efforts by the U.S. “to influence the region” have not worked.

“We do not need more meaningless red lines,” he said. “It is the moral imperative for America to lead. Now that the initial attack and element of surprise is over, Congress has a constitutional obligation to hear from President Trump and agree on a strategy for engagement before we place our Armed Forces on the ground in Syria.”

Entirely quoted from: http://www.dailyprogress.com/starexponent/news/brat-congress-needs-to-agree-on-strategy-before-u-s/article_992facba-3b9f-5982-ad18-9f1da4441918.html


Barbara Comstock (R)

Congressional District: 10, Virginia

Bush-Obama Counties in District — Loudon, Manassas, Prince William, Winchester

Full Statement:

“The Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons against its own people is a clear rebuke of international law.  The targeted strike was against the Shayrat Air Base in Syria where Assad’s regime reportedly launched the chemical weapons attack that killed innocent children and civilians.  This strike should degrade the ability to launch these same types of attacks again. Our men and women in the Armed Forces have proven their skill in projecting American power when it is called upon in the face of this cowardly attack by Bashar al-Assad against his own people.”



Gerald Connolly (D)

Congressional District: 11, Virginia 

Bush-Obama County in District — Prince William

Full Statement:

“We must respond to the use of chemical weapons. We should have responded in 2013 and it was Congress that balked. A fifty-nine cruise missile strike can’t be a substitute for a policy going forward. Congress and the new Administration must begin a dialogue and debate about our Syria policy.”






Paul Ryan (R)

Congressional District: 1, Wisconsin

Bush-Obama County in District — Racine

Full Statement:

“Earlier this week the Assad regime murdered dozens of innocent men, women, and children in a barbaric chemical weapons attack. Tonight the United States responded. This action was appropriate and just. These tactical strikes make clear that the Assad regime can no longer count on American inaction as it carries out atrocities against the Syrian people. Resolving the years-long crisis in Syria is a complex task, but Bashar al-Assad must be held accountable and his enablers must be persuaded to change course. I look forward to the administration further engaging Congress in this effort.”


Mark Pocan (D)

Congressional District: 2, Wisconsin

Bush-Obama County in District — Richland

Full Statement:

“There is no legal basis for last night’s missile strike against Syrian military assests. Congress must be called back immediately, if President Trump plans to escalate out military involvement. He must send a new Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) to Congress, as I have previously called for. The American people deserve a thorough debate and vote in Congress as required by law if any escalation is expected. While those who commit these terrible acts must be held accountable, we too must be accountable to the Constitution and the laws of the land. If the suffering of the Syrian people is an ‘affront to humanity,’ we have a moral responsibility to offer safety and refuge to these families.”


Glenn Grothman (R)

Congressional District: 6, Wisconsin

Bush-Obama Counties in District — Marquette, Winnebago

Full Statement:

“This week’s chemical attacks in Syria were an atrocious act against the Syrian people and many innocent children. America needed to take action to stop any future attacks.

President Trump was right to take a strong stand in condemning the use of chemical weapons. I applaud our administration for holding Bashar al-Assad accountable.”



Mike Gallagher (R)


Congressional District: 8, Wisconsin

Bush-Obama Counties in District — Door, Winnebago

Full Statement:

Rep. Mike Gallagher says he also supports the strike as a “clear signal that the United States will not stand idly by while dictators use weapons of mass destruction to murder children.”









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